Wood Wheel Bleeders

A wood wheel bleeder is designed to appeal to a fancier style of rad. It’s  a more traditional look, with a chrome body and a larger black knob.  They were always made of wood, but now are replaced with a black plastic.

Chrome Wheel Bleeders

A chrome wheel bleeder is all chrome with a smaller knob.  It offers a different look, more modern and subtle, with a sparkling chrome finish.

Coin Operated Bleeders

Coin operated bleeders will have a screw head in them making them inoperable without the assistance of a screwdriver.  These bleeders are designed for situations where it would be unwise, unsafe or harmful for anyone to inadvertently turn or adjust the bleeder. These bleeders are common place in rental properties and homes with small children.  Tampering with a bleeder valve could lead to the bleeder coming apart, leaving an open hole to the radiator, which means water flowing out.  These bleeders are also chrome in finish.