Radiator Valves

For installation and optimum operational control, we offer the very best to complete every radiator.


Made of precision-milled solid brass with lacquered hardwood handle. Windsor is our largest and most popular range of valves, available with either thermostatic or manual control and with corner and angle connections.


A compact thermostatic radiator valve with brass body and thermostatic head. Easy-to-read numbered scale, available in five finishes and with either angled, straight or corner connection and FIP or compression connections.


A clean design with tapered crosshead handles. Manual operation and available in three finishes. A milled brass radiator valve that matches well with Victorian bathroom radiators.

Crosshead Manual


Saving energy by applying smart technology to your property. Genius TRV allows granular control of every radiator in your home with AI-powered learning technology. Genius Hub‘s technology saves you 20-30% on your energy bills.

Genius Smart Valve


Used to conceal the pipe leading into the valve and the hole in the floor or wall. Matches the valves for a seamless finish.