Heating can be complex. If you are replacing your existing radiators, or if you are doing an addition or renovation, we offer consultation services with one of our team members. To make an appointment for a consultation on site, please contact us.

Radiator Re-sizing

They say it cannot be done….but for most radiators we can remove intermediate sections to re-size your radiator. If you are renovating and want to use your existing radiators in a different configuration, we can make them smaller to fit into your space. Re-sizing is also perfect when a radiator has an intermediate section leak. We remove the damaged section(s) and put the radiator back together and ensure that it is free from leaks.


Most radiators in a home have decades worth of paint and need to be freshened up. We make it simple. We strip the radiators back to bare metal, prime and paint them in colours of your choosing. We proudly offer Benjamin Moore and Modern Masters finishes. In combination with our pick up and delivery services, we can have the radiators back at home within 3 weeks!

Delivery & Shipping

Radiators are notorious for being heavy and difficult to move around. Depending on the number of sections and columns, a cast iron radiator can be up to 500lbs! Our crew have moved hundreds of radiators, so please ask about our delivery service when purchasing your cast iron radiator. If you are located outside of the Greater Toronto Area we work with a shipping company to get our radiators to you.

Radiator Rental

Specifically for TV and film production, we work with set designers to find the perfect radiator.
Our radiators are in stock and ready for pick up for those in the film industry looking to perfectly complete their set. We offer both short and long term radiator rental options.