Our Left/Right Bushings, designed in-house by our lead technician Aron, were created specifically for cast iron radiator installation. Stainless steel construction. The left male thread by right female thread allow the supply and return on the cast iron radiator to reduce to fit almost any valve possibility. 

Can also be primed and painted to match any radiator they are installed in.


1-1/2” LHT x 1/2” RHT

1-1/4” LHT x 1” RHT

1-1/4” LHT x 3/4” RHT

1-1/4” LHT x 1/2” RHT

1” LHT x 3/4” RHT

1” LHT x 1/2” RHT

3/4” LHT x 1/2” RHT