TRVs were initially sold as a commercial product in our market so they tend to be a lot more industrial looking. That’s okay if it’s a school or office building, where the aesthetics of the valve over the function is not a great concern.  But there are many scenarios where a beautifully renovated or newly built home has new or refurbished radiators, and the valves must also be aesthetically pleasing. Castrads has captured that and created it with their line of TRVs, now available in Canada.

Although there are several different models of TRVs available, this is particular TRV, made by Castrads, is probably the nicest TRV on the market.  Castrads have brought things to the next level, and produced an aesthetically appealing TRV that would look nice in anybody’s home.  They offer a multitude of finishes, to suit individual taste. They’re proud of their product, and we are proud to offer it here.

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