Steel radiators are not as big and heavy as traditional cast iron, and can be wall mounted or have feet.  They are more cost effective than new cast iron, and are easier to move around.

Introducing Florence by Castrads.  Florence is a steel column radiator that is the most versatile radiator on the market. The look of Florence gives a sense of the traditional style of radiators, with the ability to customize each radiator to fit anywhere.  Literally.

Florence’s height options are a game changer.  Ranging in heights from 12″ to 102″, you can have a rad under the lowest windowsill or accomplish a ton of BTU’s by going up to ceiling height.  And when trying to accomplish enough BTU’s for a space, Florence 2 column is only 2.6″ in depth, and ranges all the way to the Florence 6 column with a depth of 8.5″.

The best part is the range of finishes available for this style of radiator. Your radiators can be classic white, matte black, brushed nickel, or anything in between.