So many clients over the years have asked to buy a thin steel radiator to add to their space of cast iron radiators because they are trying to gain some floor space.  Steel radiators can be great, and some (like Florence by Castrads) can still be visually beautiful.  What most people don’t realize is that the solution to gaining floor space was already created with the original cast iron radiators we love.

Two options not often considered, but should be, are wall hung rads and some classic column styles.

Cast iron wall hung radiators are a series of panels, only 3″ in depth, that come in a range of sizes and can also be hung horizontally or vertically, giving a lot of options when trying to maximize floor space, but they don’t compromise on comfort.

Classic column radiators are considered to be more “modern” and the style has clean lines that fit in well even with a modern home.  What people don’t realize about classic columns is that they were made in a variety of sizes.  Lots of height and depth options, which means you can replace a bulkier style rad with a classic column that is as little as 4.5″ in depth.

Another option new to the Canadian market, is Mercury by Castrads.  It’s a cast iron radiator that’s completely customizable and made to spec, with slender columns and perfect lines, offered in a variety of finishes.  For challenging spaces, Mercury can be the perfect solution.