Why is a hydronic heating system more expensive than the gas heating seen in a lot of our houses in Toronto and overall in Canada?

Initial installation of a hydronic heating system is more money than forced air system. The boilers have quite a bit more technology than a furnace does, and are more expensive.

With heating distribution systems, ducts (forced air) versus piping (hydronic); there’s not much difference in the cost of that.

When we get to your heat emitters in the room, with a forced air system there’s a register in your floor, nothing more.

With a hydronic system you need to select a radiator, and pay for that, and it will be more expensive. But while initial investment might seem a little high, the payoff will be there down the road.

You also have significant savings in the ability to modulate and control the water temperature so your appliance will consume gas based on the temperature of the water in the system and the temperature outside, and create a curve and supply the right amount of energy to the home that given day.  Furnaces generally don’t have that technology. Your furnace comes with a two stage firing rate, burning 70,000 BTU’s worth of fuel for every hour it’s on. A boiler with a ten-to-one turn down ratio, can burn as little as 10,000 BTU’s an hour, if the conditions allow for it.