Based in Toronto, our team of heating experts will ensure you get the perfect look for your space through complete personalized service. We proudly offer several styles of custom radiators and all the accessories and parts needed to ensure flawless operation and total comfort. We are the leading choice for property owners


Our brand new custom radiators are offered in several styles. These radiators are made to order in size and colour. From traditional and ornate to modern clean lines, these radiators will complete any room perfectly.


Have an old or leaking radiator that needs restoration or repair? Looking to purchase an efficient, eco-friendly heating solution for your home? If the answer is yes, then look no further. Our refurbished custom radiators are stripped to bare metal, then primed, painted and pressure tested. New inventory arrives weekly, so please contact us to help find the radiator that meets your specific requirements. Your radiator specialists are right here and just a phone call or email away.

For installation and optimum operational control, we offer the very best to complete every radiator. We carry most parts in stock. Please contact us to order.


Florence is a line of sectional steel column radiators that combines a classic style with subtle curves and clean lines. Perfect for all interiors, with a large range of heights and depths with high heat outputs. Wall-hung or floor-mounted with various colour options.


Towel radiators are seen as an unnecessary accessory by some, but there’s little that can compare to getting out of the tub or shower and wrapping a nice warm towel around your body instead of a cold one. Our towel radiators are highly efficient at warming the rail from inside out, they are usually common in bathrooms and hi-moisture places and are effective with drying off damp towels, scarves, hats and gloves while keeping the environment clean and mildew-free. The ultimate in luxury for your bathroom. Offered in a range of plating options.