Based in Toronto, we proudly offer many models of new and refurbished cast iron radiators and all the accessories and parts needed to ensure flawless operation and total comfort. Our goal at Ironworks Radiators is to find our clients the perfect radiator for their space. Through our vast inventory, anything is possible for providing heating that is a perfect fit for any space in your home. Our radiant heating system offers more options and versatility than forced air systems. You can zone your home, add by adding radiators, towel warmers, snowmelt systems and more.

New or refurbished happiness and satisfaction awaits when you choose one of our beautiful, efficient and eco-friendly cast iron radiators available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes.

Talk to our experts, and come see our showroom today.


Spare parts and accessories for refurbished cast iron radiators are sometimes key to installation and optimum operational control.

We are always available to give expert advice, ensuring you get the right parts for your installation. Contact us today for a consultation or to get more info about our services.


Have an old, broken or leaking radiator? No need to throw it out, we’ll come and collect it. At Ironworks Radiators we specialize in servicing, resizing and restoring leaking, damaged and malfunctioning radiators. Give us that ugly cast iron radiator and with a touch of magic, our in-house experts will make it charming and beautiful again. We strip our cast iron radiators back to bare metal, prime and paint them in any colour of your choosing. We proudly offer Benjamin Moore and Modern Masters finishes. See our wide selection of radiators here.

If you need spare parts for a cast iron radiator refurbishment we stock a very large range of accessories to install, maintain and restore an entire central heating system fitted with cast iron radiators. The key to any project is getting the right parts and accessories. We’re always on hand to give expert advice and help you every step of the way, ensuring you get the right parts and accessories first time. For installation and optimum operational control, we offer the very best to complete every radiator. We carry most parts in stock. Please contact us to order.


Radiators are notorious for being heavy and difficult to move around. Depending on the number of sections and columns, a cast iron radiator can be up to 500lbs! Our crew have moved hundreds of radiators, so please ask about our delivery service when purchasing your cast iron radiator from ironworks radiators. If you are located outside of the Greater Toronto Area we work with a shipping company to get our radiators to you.


Heating can be complex. If you are replacing your existing cast iron radiators, or if you are doing an addition or renovation to your house or office, and need advice on parts and accessories contact us today and let’s chat. If you are interested in our new or refurbished radiator collections please contact us for an on site consultation today.