How long do you think you should reuse your bathroom towels? Two weeks? Ten days? Nope.

According to recent tests, experts are advising that both bath and hand towels should only be used three times! Seems unreasonable right? For some of us it is, but there’s a solution, installing designer radiator towel racks that not only warm, but dry your daily towels.

The heat produced by designer radiators, allows less build up of moisture, the leading cause of mould and mildew found on bathroom towels.  Heated racks extend the life of your towel by several uses, so you can make it to the end of the week, clean as a whistle.

Sally Bloomfield, a professor of hygiene at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, recommends that towels need to be “hygienically cleaned” at 40⁰ C.

Designer radiators will help rid your towels of the musty smell that can cling due to constant moisture exposure.

Bathrooms in older homes are notorious for a lack of proper ventilation and heat. Wall-mounted designs help you keep your floor free in tight spaces.

The spa and resort industry is infamous for using warm towels to give you a pleasing hug of warmth after a massage or swim, but that luxury is now easily brought home.  No more freezing exits from the shower. With a designer iron radiator mounted on your wall, you can wrap yourself in warmth immediately.

Designs range from a more traditional look such as the Vivien series to contemporary Elara or the compact and perfect for over the toilet, Elara 2. See the range of options here.

Finishes can range from steel to chrome. Just ask us for details.